July 16 and July 19 Foodie Adventures at Disneyland California Adventure.

Drinking Craft Beer at the Sonoma Beer Garden.Having Dinner At Cove Bar.

July 4th, 2014

Spontaneous 8hr road-trip to Santa Rosa/San Francisco to try the craft beer double IPA phenom known as “Pliny The Elder”.This brewery in all honesty is way worth the 8hr trip.18beers on tap in what I would say is the best Sampler flight I’ve ever seen/experienced.Would love to give a review on all the amazing beers RussianRiverBrewery conjures up but that’s a story for another time.Pliny The Elder is actually the number 4 fav beer in the world according to beer advocate and I gotta say the hype behind this beer is definitely not exaggerated.

If you’re lucky enough to live near this brewery it’s definitely a MUST to check out.
Fresh Food ✔️
Fresh Beer ✔️

Had to stop at Ike’s Place on the way back to LA.
Whenever you are in the bay, you deff got to make it a point to grub on a sandwich from Ike’s Place before you leave.
Creatively thought out sandwiches that hit those taste buds in all the right ways.
Salty, Spicy, Sweet, Meaty, with all the right veggies, served hot.
It was deeerrrrricioussss, hehehehe.

Bee^2 Out.